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Product Name: 24V White neon strip with FPC
Product Model: TBN-24V-W
Specifications: 11*22MM
Product Description

Led neon strips lights is an FPC inner core based IP68 protected flexible neon-like led                            strip. Opal diffused or clear refracted jacket provides more options. L shape Unique                   designed FPC protects  the fragile SMD led from strong bending pressure.


@ Dot-free                                               @ UV Protected
@ Up to 800 lm/m for white                  @ 5VA Flame Protected
@ Unique heat management              @ Resistant To Solvents
@ One bin only                                       @ Saltwater Resistant
@ Fully Flexible                                       @ IP68 Immersion Protection
@ Eco-friendly

ltem NOTBN-230V TBN-120V TBN-24V 
Length per roll in Meters101010101010
Size (mm) 11x2211x2211x2211x2211x2211x22
LED spacing (mm)
LED quantity per meter108108108108108108
Cutting Unit length (mm)1000 500 500 250 56 56 
Cutting marks printed1000mm500mm500mm500mmabout500mmabout500mm
LED quantity per unit10854542766
Power consumption per meter9.2W13.8W9.6W19.2W17.28w17.28W
Total units10202040180180
Max Loading Length (meter)10050502588
working Voltage230V DC 120V DC 24V DC