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Product Name: Red Led Neon flex
Product Model: TSN-R-230V/120V/24V/12V
Specifications: 16X28MM,80leds/meter
Product Description
Ultra-bright LED Neon flex

LED Flexible Neon Light is a kind of light composed of solid-state Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) in series

 jacketed by an  inner plastic extrusion core. An UV stable outer plastic jacket further protects the inner 

core. It can realize any LED color and with linear continuous light effect.

LED NEON Flex is a preferred alternative to Glass neonlight due to its flexibility, safety, energy saving 

and ease of installation.


LED Neon flex features:

  • Consistent and stringent wavelength control standards +/-3nm
  • Ultra-bright & Low light attenuation LEDs
  • Flexible and cuttable, it can be cut and easily bent by hand, provided with cutting markes for accurancy.
  • Low power consumption, saving 90% energy replacing glass neon.
  • IP67 rating-when installed strictly according to user manual
  • 100% unbreakable,No mercury pollution, 100% recyclable
  • Low heat eimission, dramatically reducing fire risk from Glass Neon
  • Input voltage optional by 230v, 120v,24v and 12v.
  • Available colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Warm white, Purple, Pink, Orange and Amber, 
  • Flash RGB, chasing RGB.
  • Variable sizes optional such as 16x28mm, 13x27mm, 13x24mm, 16x23mm, 10x23mm, 
  •  8.5x17mm, φ16 and so on.
  • Color jacket also available.


Tuodda TSN LED Neon flex Specifications:


Input voltageAC230vAC120vDC24vDC12v
LED Qty/M80808080
JacketMilky whiteMilky whiteMilky whiteMilky white
LED claassificationTSN-230VTSN-120VTSN-24VTSN-12V
Cutting Unit1M0.5M0.1M0.1M
Viewing angle120deg120deg120deg120deg
IP GradeIP67IP67IP67IP67



Advantages of TSN:

1. Adopt epistar chips, high brightness and with less decay

2. with PVC base edge to increase lumimosity and also can protect the leds.

3. adopt pure pvc, more flexiable and durable

4. made of pure copper wire, 


Wide applications of LED Neon flex:

  • Lighting ceiling coves,
  • Floor coves,
  • Back lighting Perspex or glass,
  • Outlining buildings &
  • Awnings,
  • Feature walls,
  • Step lighting,
  • Bar lighting,
  • Bottle lighting,
  • Signs and so on.


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